Assisting Suppliers Readiness for EUDR Implementation with Inovasi Agriplot Due Diligence System

The implementation of the EU Deforestation-Free Regulation (EUDR) is fast approaching, requiring operators and traders who wish to market their goods in the European Union to understand and prepare for its requirements. ADM, as one of Inovasi Digital’s partners, markets products to the European market. Therefore, ADM and its suppliers need to comprehend the EUDR requirements. This necessity led to Inovasi Digital’s training for ADM’s suppliers, where EUDR and Inovasi Agriplot, a solution for EUDR compliance, were introduced.

On May 8, 2024, Inovasi Digital held a meeting with ADM suppliers titled “Assisting Supplier Readiness for EUDR Implementation with Inovasi Agriplot Due Diligence System” in Medan, Indonesia. During this event, Inovasi Digital provided suppliers with an introduction to EUDR, outlined the requirements for EUDR compliance, and explained Inovasi Agriplot, a turnkey solution for EUDR assessment and compliance. The objective was to support ADM’s suppliers in preparing for EUDR compliance later this year.

In this meeting, suppliers—including growers, mills, and palm oil dealers—received a presentation on EUDR, covering the history of the regulation, key requirements, and challenges. The goal was to help suppliers understand the real challenges ahead and prepare to meet the requirements. Next, the audience was introduced to the Inovasi Agriplot Due Diligence System, a solution created by Inovasi Digital to address all EUDR requirements for both operators and traders. By introducing the Inovasi Agriplot DDS, ADM suppliers can learn how to ensure a smooth transition to using the system.

The Inovasi Agriplot Due Diligence System is a comprehensive solution for those seeking to market their goods to the EU. It covers all aspects required by the EUDR in a single product. Currently, the Inovasi Agriplot Due Diligence System fully supports palm oil and is expanding to other commodities covered by the EUDR.

With the Inovasi Agriplot Due Diligence System, you will receive:

  • Traceability through Map and Supplier Information Requirements
  • Forest Cover and Deforestation Compliance Assessment
  • Legal Compliance Assessment to National Laws
  • Risk Assessment at the District Level for Land Plots
  • Risk Mitigation Plan Development and Advice

Positioned with a unique combination of spatial data, big data processing, and on-the-ground knowledge, Inovasi Agriplot is the most accurate and trustworthy platform for meeting all operators’ EUDR needs, from tracing their supply base to completing DDS requirements to risk assessments and effective mitigation approaches.